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Heating Equipments | Central Heating Products Pakistan

Al-Hadi International started providing Central Heating solution to its domestic and commercial clients over a decade ago. Many clients were hesitant back then to have such system installed at their occupancy. Once, our clients started using the system and became aware of its comfort and safety, Central Heating became a must-have facility in any modern luxury home or office. Alhamdulillah! Al-Hadi International has carried out numerous Central Heating installations all over Pakistan its domestic, commercial and government clients and the number is still growing.

Al-Hadi International, as with other services it offers, has a very simple and practical policy when it comes to Central Heating Solutions, i.e. to provide the best available equipment that is European Standard (EN) approved. We have special emphasis on after sales services for our installed systems. A proper after sales and maintenance log is maintained for smooth and trouble-free operation.