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Underfloor Heating

To date, the most comfortable, reliable, economical and the healthiest way to heat your indoors.

How Underfloor Heating works:

Wet underfloor heating circulates warm water through a succession of continuously looped pipes beneath the floor. The result of this is that a large radiant surface is created; the entire floor area effectively becoming a heater, warming your home from the floor upwards. Underfloor-Heating requires only low temperature warm water (typically 40°C) and is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps. Comfort levels are high while running costs are low.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating:

  • Economical: Can save you between 15-30% on your heating bill
  • Comfort: More warmth where you want it
  • Aesthetics: Allows you the freedom to design your rooms without radiators
  • Space Saving: Removes the need for bulky radiators
  • Health & Hygiene: Eliminates dust mites and hard to reach space behind the radiator
  • Environmental : Efficient and compatible with renewable energy sources

We specialize in design and installation of underfloor heating systems. Our qualified engineers will supervise the entire project from design layouts through testing and commissioning.