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VRF Systems

Half the running cost, twice the comfort. Cooling and heating accounts for over 40% of the total energy needs of a building, so choose your equipment wisely.

Did you or your client spend tens of millions of rupees on your humungous HVAC Chiller Plant only to occupy crucial space and bear over the budget running costs? It is no surprise that over 80% of conventional Chiller HVAC Systems in Pakistan are shutdown after 3-4 years due to heavy maintenance and running cost. Building owners have been installing small split type units to meet their cooling and heating needs after spending an arm and a leg on a Chiller HVAC System that, unfortunately, does not work.
Mini Splits, on the other hand, have problems of their own like limited usability, short life and high failure rates. Issues like installation restrictions and inability to cope with varying heat load make mini splits less than ideal choice for any large building. Solution?

Thanks to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems. A technology so advanced and so reliable that it easily saves 50% of the running cost when compared with conventional systems. Following are some of the benefits a VRF System promises to offer.

Energy Efficient

A full DC Inverter based system consumes half the energy to operate as compared to conventional chiller system without compromising on comfort.

Small and Lightweight:

VRF Systems are smaller and lighter than their chiller counterparts. Installation is carried out much easily. Outdoor can be placed on rooftop or even in balconies. No need for specific plant rooms anymore.

Flexible Design:

A typical VRF Outdoor Unit can support up to 50 indoor units of different classification and capacity. From wall-mounted to ceiling concealed to cassette type, VRF System offers complete freedom and flexibility to architects and designers.

Smart Air Conditioning:

With its modular design, a VRF System will cool/heat an area intelligently taking in account the number of inhabitants and variable ambient temperate.

AL-HADI INTERNATIONAL is capable of providing state of the art VRF System installation, testing and commissioning for mini as well as large commercial systems. Our technicians will install the M-Type copper piping at the time of construction and will pressure test it with Nitrogen gas.  Turn to the experts for any type of VRF System piping and installation. We proudly deal in the following world recognized reliable brands for our VRF projects.