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Solar Energy Systems

Alhamdulillah! Pakistan is blessed with plenty of clean, abundant and renewable solar energy from the sun. The adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems was quite slow in the beginning, but with the ever-increasing electricity cost and factors such as power shutdowns have made solar photovoltaic (PV) systems a smart choice for electricity generation.

When it comes to choosing an appropriate solar PV system for your home or office, there are overwhelmingly numerous options with brands and origins. It is, however, highly recommended that one should choose only tier 1 products and should never go for cost effective low quality options with solar panels and inverters. Al-Hadi International offers only the most renowned branded products that when installed by our trained staff will actually save you money.

Following are some of the benefits a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System offers

Big Savings on Electricity Bills:

A properly designed and installed Solar PV System will definitely save you on electricity bills. Once the system transcends its upfront cost, which occurs in less than 5 years, you are actually generating free electricity for your home or office. How satisfactory is that?

Charge IESCO rather than IESCO charging you:

If you are generating more than your consumption with your solar system, then there is good news for Islamabad. Now, IESCO has started issuing bi-directional electricity meters where you can send electricity back to the grid (net-metering) and meter actually deducts those units from its reading.

Increase your Property Value:

Numerous studies have shown that worldwide, homes/offices equipped with Solar Energy Systems have a considerably high resale price than non-solar homes/offices.

Beat the Heat:

Installing solar panels on the rooftop is a win-win proposition. It not only generates electricity for you, it also insulates your roof from scorching sunlight during the summer season, thereby reducing your air-conditioning load.

Protect the Environment:

Healthy and clean environment is the basic right of every individual. Solar Energy Systems greatly reduce the carbon footprint of their fossil fuels counterparts. An average home solar energy system can cut down 3 to 4 Tons of carbon emissions annually – an equivalent of planting 100 trees each year.